5+1 Places to Enjoy the Sunset in Santorini

A sunset is one of nature’s greatest phenomena. Few things only are more staggering than watching the sunset rays as they bend and twist around the very rim of the earth.


But what’s the deal with the sunset in Santorini?


Well, you would have to take all that magic, multiply it by ten and then some, and still you wouldn’t be able to fully grasp the gist of it. Someone once wrote that it is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream. We cannot argue; though we can give you some tips on how to elevate this experience and live it to the fullest. We have summed up the best places one can watch the sundown from, but keep in mind it is truly lovelier than it sounds. There are no words to describe the spectacular Santorini sunset; you simply have to see for yourself.


Let’s take a look at the best places to enjoy the sunset in Santorini:


The open sea

1. The open sea


There are numerous sunset-time cruises where you can enjoy the breathtaking spectacle that the isle of Santorini is -deservedly- so famous for. Most of these so-called sunset cruises include a series of stops along the coast and then end with a unique viewpoint of the sunset. The volcanic islets make for the perfect backdrop for sunset watching, while the villages that light up in the orange glow and hazy violet around you, complete the picture.


2. Imerovigli

Imerovigli is an amphitheatrically-built village, often referred to as a balcony to the Aegean Sea, and it makes a perfect spot to watch the sun dive behind the neighbouring islet of Thirassia. From here, you can enjoy the awesome show put on by nature and get lost in the blazing red, tangerine and purple tones as the day leans towards its end.


3. Ammoudi Bay

Enclosed by awe-inspiring red cliffs, the tiny harbour of Oia is the ideal vantage to enjoy the wondrous light of dusk from. Watch as the sky is painted with amber and scarlet hues and find yourself totally spellbound by the time the sun has disappeared completely.


4. Skala

Enjoy the close of day on the hillside and watch the sun sweetly embrace the houses of Fira in all its splendour as it dives beyond the horizon. The narrow path of Skala is usually less crowded, making it possible to actually sit somewhere and relax while pure beauty unfolds before your eyes.


5. Akrotiti Lighthouse

Add an extra touch of magic to your experience by heading to the southern end of Santorini, to a place known locally simply as “Faros” and get carried away by the sheer beauty of Santorini’s wilderness. The iconic lighthouse looks ravishing in the warm light of the setting sun and purely fairytale-ish under the violet sky at nightfall.


6. Oia

If you don’t mind squeezing in large crowds and fending off your (many) fellow sunset-gazers, then Oia undeniably offers the best viewpoint of the sunset. There, you will witness a phantasmagorical explosion of colours, as the sun sets into the open sea. The feeling of awe can be heart stopping and nature’s grandeur will render you speechless.