Santorini's Most Photogenic Spots

One of the most photographed places in the world, Santorini offers stunning photo opportunities around every corner. Whether you dabble in photography or simply want to be the envy of your insta followers, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top spots for the most stunning Santorini pics:


You’ve seen it; Perhaps it was the reason you booked your trip in the first place. Perched atop the Santorini caldera, Oia is the stunning village that provides the setting for almost every Santorini postcard. The blue domed churches, the Oia Castle where crowds gather to watch the legendary sunset, the world-famous Atlantis bookstore, even the hotel doors and back streets (along with the island cats that stroll through them). Get there early and capture it all.

Ammoudi Bay

Right beneath the village of Oia you’ll find the idyllic cove of Ammoudi. Fishing boats, quaint tavernas, the brick red cliffs of the caldera and of course, the sunset. Take a picture of your surroundings or pose among them. The results will be failproof no matter what

Imerovigli and Skaros Rock

All the villages facing the caldera are breathtaking in their own right, and Imerovigli boasts an imposing landmark to add to its breath-taking scenery: Skaros rock, a jagged headland that stands out in the sea before you, pointing to the vast Aegean sky. In medieval times, a castle city stood guard above the water, now long gone after it was devastated by an earthquake. Still, there is a lot to see (and photograph) as the remnants of the castle, the breathtaking views of Imerovigli and its natural landscape, complete with idyllic little shops in the Cycladic style will leave you spoiled for choice.

Red Beach

Santorini might be most associated with the colour white, but in truth, the sun and volcanic soil of the island paint a picture of a million shades of red. The -aptly named- Red Beach in Santorini is one of its most famous sites, a natural wonder and an absolute delight to photograph too. You can find it close to the ancient site of Akrotiri and admire its imposing cliffs and coarse red sand kissed by the deep blue waters of the Aegean that will have you reaching for your camera (or phone) more times that you can count.

For best results, we suggest visiting the beach at either sunrise or sundown, to get amazing pictures with as few bystanders as possible.


Around the vicinity and close to the archaeological site you’ll find a treasure that is slightly off the beaten path. One of the oldest lighthouses in Greece, Akrotiri Lighthouse stands on the southern coast of Santorini since 1892. The wild beauty of the area, along with the imposing square-shaped tower make for an alternative setting for sunset gazing and the perfect spot for breath-taking photos.

If you’re an amateur photographer or you’ve always wished to pick up on some photography skills, what better place to make that dream come true than the island of Santorini? At Choose Yafy, we can set up a photography tour guided by a professional photographer that will take you around the island and give you all the pointers you need for the perfect photo album, a perfect souvenir of Santorini made by you!