Santorini's Most Secluded Beaches

Santorini welcomes around two million visitors per year. While that is proof that Santorini really is a special place (after all, all these people can’t be wrong), it can also mean that you’ll be sharing your beach towel space with many other travelers. However, if you are willing to sacrifice the comforts of an organized beach for a more peaceful spot where the only sound is that of gentle waves accompanied by buzzing cicadas, we have some carefully hidden “secret” beaches to share with you. Read on:


The most secluded beach of the island is about 10km away from Fira, in a cove named Columbo. Surrounded by white volcanic rocks to help you escape the blistering sun, the calm, warm waters and stunning beauty of this beach is sure to reward you for taking a step off the beaten path. Bonus tip: to the right of the beach, accessible only by water, you will find the seal cave, home to Columbo’s underwater volcano.


What better way to escape the crowds than to find a beach inaccessible by land? Mouzakia is a gorgeous little beach only reached by boat, and it’s worth the trip to find crystal clear waters and the peace and serenity you need to fully clear your head. Don’t have a boat? We have a solution for that. Just ask Choose Yafy.


While Baxedes is certainly not one of the “secret” beaches of Santorini (due to its proximity to Oia and its popularity with the locals) Baxedes still makes our list. Here’s why: generally avoided by young visitors and the trendy crowds, this volcanic sand beach offers all the peace and quiet you need to leave the world behind. A great option for families and surfing enthusiasts.


Akrotiri has many things to offer its visitors, a well-preserved archaeological site, a picturesque lighthouse and even a tiny secluded beach. What this beach might be missing in comforts it makes up in perfectly clear waters and unparalleled views. Pack your own essentials, don’t forget the sunscreen and make it part of your visit to Akrotiri for a memorable beach-day!


Kambia never makes the top ten lists in Santorini, which is all the better, as we consider it the island’s best kept secret. Escape the crowds in an idyllic setting with clean waters and great food and leave all else behind.

We are genuine travel insiders – that means that nobody knows Santorini better than us. For all the hidden gems and activities on the island, all you have to do is ask us. We like to say we love a challenge – let us prove to you why. Ask Choose Yafy anything about Santorini and let’s design your perfect holiday together.